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Fortnite players think Travis Scott’s Astronomical event will coincide with a major map change

The latest crossover event in the hit battle royale game Fortnite has been announced, and will take the form of an in-game musical performance from US artist Travis Scott.

Fans are already speculating that the event, titled Astronomical, could coincide with a major overhaul of the map – and perhaps even a return to its original layout.

A popular YouTube streamer called “CronicGamerZ” recently encountered what appeared to be a meteor in the sky while playing Fortnite, which some are speculating could precipitate a map-altering impact.

Players have also noticed a small detail on the new AstroJack skin: the original Fortnite map from its very first season appears reflected in the character’s visor.

Many have interpreted this to mean that the game will be returning to its original map layout, having changed many times since.

Fortnite has made waves with its ambitious crossover events in the past, teaming up with major pop culture properties like Star Wars and Marvel to offer promotional in-game features.

For Scott’s event, Astronomical, the musician will debut a brand new track as part of an “otherworldly experience”.

Astronomical will be available to access on Fortnite at 3pm GMT on 24 April and 4pm GMT on 25 April. Players are encouraged to attend the event half an hour early.


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