How to make your own Antivirus Program for Windows Platform

Let’s do something creative, In this Post, I’ll going to show you How to make your own Antivirus Program for the Windows Platform.

Follow the steps in this simple tutorial and you can Create an Antivirus for yourself. I know what you’re thinking.

You thinking something like,

How can I create an Antivirus?

Trust me this is possible with some copy-paste, you don’t need to write a single piece of code.

So, I am personally telling you, this is the easiest way to create Antivirus for your Windows PC/Laptop.

Note: This Antivirus will only work on Windows Platform and for other platforms, this is just a waste file.

Method 1. How to make your own Antivirus Program using CMD

Step 1. Open the start menu on your PC or desktop, then open search and type cmd then command prompt will open.


Step 2. Now just copy that below code and paste into your command prompt (CMD) and hit enter then program will run automatically and remove all viruses from your PC/desktop.
@echo off

title Antivirus

echo Antivirus

echo created by your name


IF EXIST virus.bat goto infected

IF NOT EXIST virus.bat goto clean

cd C:Windowssystem32



del virus.bat


goto start


echo System secure!


Important Tip: You can also remove the virus manually from your system also it’s very important to know.

This is a code work for remove Virus.bat file but you definitely not always getting a virus in your system by name virus.bat.

If you know whose virus is affecting your system so you can remove it manually by using this code.

For Example, Mypicutre.scr is a very dangerous virus, very difficult to remove it virus damages the system file very fastly and my Mcafee Antivirus wasn’t able to detect this virus.

So, I was using this above code by just some changes from Virus.bat to Mypicutre.scr.

Make Some changes, Virus.bat is written in green text so you can easily find out what to edit.

Remove virus.bat and the virus file name affecting your system and run it. (Make sure, virus name & virus extension is correct).

Hope you got it, Now you can easily remove any kind of virus by using this code.

Method 2. How to make your own Antivirus Program 

Step 1. First, you will need to start CMD by typing cmd in your search bar or if u want to do it the quicker way press Windows key+r and type cmd and hit enter.
Step 2. Now type dir c: where ‘c’  can be any drive on your computer.
Step 3. After this type  s – h *. * /s /d after the code your whole code should look like this dir c: s – h *. * /s /d
Step 4. Now a whole lot of scanning will take place. Don’t get frightened if the process takes some time. It will stop after some time.
Step 5. Now look for infected files you see anything suspicious for example Autorun.inf or a .exe file.
Step 6. If you see the .exe and the autorun.inf then you have just found an infected file.
Step 7. Now copy the Adress of the infected file and paste it your normal address bar and you will get your virus file and you can delete it.
Step 8. Or else if this method looks a bit complicated just wait for 2 days I’ll be creating a free cmd program that automatically deletes your viruses but this method works well.
Show off your friends that you can create an antivirus…!!!

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